Hi there!

You might be wondering what this is about from myusminfo.com with this weird name. Haha!

DuaRinggit is a platform of stories, thoughts and wonderful things happen around us. It is intended for sharing of experience and exchange of ideas. It is meant to be close to us like the ringgits we have with us in our pockets, so here comes DuaRinggit! We want stories to be heard, thoughts to be ponder, in creating an atmosphere that people around are communicating thoughts and feelings in this virtual platform – The DuaRinggit.

All the while in these years, we are yet to have a platform discussing on issues that matters us and topics that trigger our interests. This is meant to be an intellectual platform for insights and thoughts from university students like you and I to make USM greater with the tagline: #TowardsABetterUSM. A collections of these are gathered here in DuaRinggit to pursue a common value by sharing our views to people around us. This will represent our collective voice to the world.

A major part of it is, we treasure views from various perspectives. As we know, knowledge is huge and people normally perceive the truth by what they know and unfortunately it is not always the complete picture. You might find opinions by columnists are contradicting but that’s the reason of DuaRinggit’s existence. By gathering different views, we would look into matters from different angles and it expands our mind to think and to see things as it is. We would want to trigger, that apart from black and white, grey is the area we should put more attention onto. We would want to convey that making judgement is always about choosing sides but reality may not be in that case.

In the long run, it becomes a collections of stories and thoughts from students across the years. It represents the people of this era and the message to the public. This is a start and we hope it would create value among us and the community. Should you have anything to share, you are most welcomed to email us at duaringgit@myusminfo.com! Do comment and interact in the comments column, it will be more interesting. Do enjoy the articles!!